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Bad Cop: New York's Least Likely Police Officer Tells All
by Paul Bacon

Published by Bloomsbury USA

Profiled in the New York Times, New York Post and New York Observer.
Featured on "This American Life" and The Moth.
Endorsed by the NYC Patrolmen's Benevolent Association.
Included in the library on board the USS New York (US Navy LPD-21).

"Grotesque and hilarious." --New York Post

"Wonderful...a vivid and insightful saga." --Booklist

"You honored us." --NYPD Police Officer

"Original and memorable." --Kirkus Reviews

"A madcap yarn." --Publisher's Weekly

"Riotously funny and deadly accurate."
--NYC Patrolmen's Benevolent Association Magazine

"Mr. Bacon was about as good a cop as one could hope to have walk this city."
--New York Observer

"I loved hit a lot of [sh-t] right on the head. Nice work."
--NYPD Police Officer

"Unexpectedly funny." --WNYC's "The Brian Lehrer Show"

"The reality of police work." --Center for Court Innovation

"A quick read...a wonderful perspective on the daily lives of police officers."
--Peter Moskos, author of "Cop in the Hood"

"That's a book? Who says publishing is dead?" --Official NYPD Spokesman

"This is why I stayed up until almost midnight, it was too funny to put down! Two thumbs up." --GoodReads

"Fascinating." --NPR's "The Sound of Young America"

"Humorous." --New York Times

"Very funny." --The Boston Phoenix

"Bacon has a knack for storytelling." --Mentor Public Library, Mentor, Ohio

"Extremely well written." --Air America's "Doing Time with Ron Kuby"

"In the tradition of Hunter S. Thompson and Tom Wolfe, Bacon is smart-ass funny." --In the Stacks

"Good thing for readers everywhere...and the citizens of NYC in particular..."
--The Villager A-List Books

"Impossible to put down." --The Topiary Cow

"Hilarious and illuminating. You'll never look at a cop on the corner the same way again."

"Buy, borrow or steal it." --Zink Magazine

"Well monikored." --Time Out New York

"His swift, affable style makes good use of his trying experiences on the force. Entertaining and surprising--this book makes a perfect summer read."
--Acorn Public Library

"It�s a clear-eyed look at the day-to-day of police work that�s also very funny. As you might expect from a cop named Bacon."

"Unique and honest...'Bad Cop' wasn't what I was expecting. It was better." --Pahrump Valley Times

"[So funny that it] made me spray wine out of my nose...Everyone should order this book."--My Best Advice (a blog)

"The best and funniest book I've read in a while."--Tanque (via Twitter)

"Like a season of 'The Wire' written by David Sedaris."
--Neal Pollack, author of "Alternadad"

"Bad cop, good copy. Paul Bacon's one-of-a-kind memoir is simultaneously very funny and joltingly real. Book this book."
--Mark O'Donnell, author of "Let Nothing You Dismay"

"I bought your book today...the Barnes and Nobles staff was pissed because I ruined the giant "Bad Cop" pyramid they had set up next to the entrance."
--Friend of the author

"I read Bad Cop over the weekend... and I kid you not - I laughed out loud through the first half and couldn't put it down until I finished. I loved his writing style... very conversational - like he was sitting next to me with a glass of wine telling the most hilarious stories. He is so funny! As a fan of cop shows, this book was another point of view I hadn't read before. What an enjoyable way to spend a weekend. Suggestion for Paul Bacon: now go write a book about your diving job."
--Amazon 5-star customer review

"Painfully funny and original. I hate reading but I could not put this one down."
--eBay reviewer

"I loved this book. I laughed so hard at times I had to remove my steamed up glasses to wipe the tears away. Paul Bacon's wonderful wit and storytelling ability kept me enthralled from beginning to end. If you enjoy stories and books by David Sedaris you will love this book."
--Amazon 5-star customer review

"Honest and easy, conversational style. I highly recommend this book."
--Amazon 5-star customer review.

"Deserves a galaxy of stars." --MostlyFiction Book Reviews

"I'm supposed to respect the opinion of a guy who slept on duty?"

"Bacon may be a washout as a cop, but he sure can write." --NYPD Confidential

"So readable, it went down like candy...a real gift for humor." --GoodReads

"Finished it in one go. A simple, hilarious, but insightful book." --GoodReads

�You have the whole department talking about you.� --NYPD Police Officer

�Paul Bacon has been the subject of much discussion.�

�Don't even think about buying this rag and putting money in this a-hole's pocket.� --NYPD Rant Posting (pre-publication)

�It's only $10 on Amazon. How can you go wrong?� --Peter Moskos, author of �Cop in the Hood�

�I'll wait for this book to be at the Dollar store, before stealing it, to line a hamster cage.� --NYPD Rant posting (pre-publication)

"I cracked up more than a dozen times...Great stories."
--NYPD Police Officer

"Some of us are able to achieve the helping-people-out part, in spite of the job...I applaud your courage...By the way, I got locked in the back of my patrol car too."
--NYPD Police Officer

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"What He Learned as a New York Officer"
Friday, March 20, 2009 - Page A21, New York Section


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Radio Interview: NPR's "Sound of Young America", broadcast date TBA

Radio Interview: WNYC's "The Brian Lehrer Show", March 16, 11:40 a.m.

Book signing: New York City Police Museum, Downtown Manhattan, March 18, 12 p.m.

Book signing: Partners & Crime Mystery Booksellers, Grnwch. Village, March 19, 7 p.m.

Podcast: The Moth, March 23 (free and available on iTunes for up to six months)

Radio Interview: Air America's "Doing Time with Ron Kuby", March 26, 3:45 p.m. 

Book signing: Barnes & Noble, Park Slope, Brooklyn, March 28, 2 p.m.

Radio Interview: The Jay Thomas Show, XM/Sirius Radio, March 39, 4:35 p.m.

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