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03/21/2002 - Updated 02:21 PM ET

Hip Clicks: A special Oscars edition

You've probably seen at least a couple nominees for Best Picture, but what about the short films? Head to to watch three Oscar-nominated shorts, Fifty Percent Grey, Copy Shop and Give Up Yer Aul Sins.

What do the critics have to say about this year's festivities? This helpful site, billed as "the ultimate, unofficial award fans' site," lets fans see every film critic's opinion at one time. It also provides links to the latest awards-show news.

MSN's Outsmart!, an interactive game which lets users compete with celebrities, now features a special Oscars edition. Click here to try to Outsmart! movie critic Richard Roeper, co-host of Ebert and Roeper.

If Denis Leary had his way, Sean Penn and Marisa Tomei would take home trophies on Sunday. Leary, an Academy voter, boldly reveals his picks in this story from

Possibly the most interesting story in Newsweek's massive Oscar index involves Tom Green, star of the critically-panned Freddy Got Fingered. Green is nominated for eight Razzies, or "anti-Oscars," and he actually plans to attend the ceremony. Only two nominees before him have attended, and no one has ever accepted their own award.

What will Oscar winners really say in their acceptance speeches? Modern Humorist makes some funny predictions.

Finally, if you want to become even more familiar with this year's nominees, why not check out their Web sites? Sir Ian McKellan, David Lynch, Halle Berry and Will Smith are among the artists with their own domains.

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