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New York Observer - Cover Story September 1, 2015 

This Is What Cops Really Think About Bill de Blasio
In startling interviews with a cop-turned-journalist, several NYPD officers reveal their fears, frustrations and anger

Central Oregon Living 
Bringing Back Big Bird

Central Oregon Ostrich hopes the third time's a charm

The Source Weekly 
The Tyranny of Good Taste

5 Fusion spoils diners, supports students with James Beard dinner

Bend Bulletin Special Projects - Ageless Magazine 
Stand Up to the Snow

Shoveling in a different direction can save your back

The Source Weekly 
A Night for Nepal

Local couple raises funds for disaster relief

Mother Jones 
Seed Central

A company that lets you choose your sperm is a window to our desires

San Francisco Examiner

Pileup on the Info Highway
Paperless office? Not a chance with compulsive e-mail printing


Do you know what CC: really stands for?


Call to Distraction
How to tell the difference when there's no difference to tell


1. Authors Whose Names You Can Say While Eating Corn on the Cob
2. Authors Whose Names You Can Say While Chewing Gum


Decimating the 4th Dimension
At last, a sensible proposal for switching 
our clocks and calendars to the metric system

Growing Holistic
Rogaine and other ancient Chinese secrets

The Grisham
An author comes to terms with his titles

24 Hours on a High-Cyber Diet
All the hype and twice the Gore

Modern Humorist

FAQ: The Enron Scandal

Unraveling the unravel-able


The Reorient Express

How Amtrak will survive its budget cuts


The Fuzzy Menace

Decoding Al Qaeda's subliminal rhetoric


Oscar Verbosity

Have statue, will blather

Co-written with Nick Nadel

Comments/links to article on USA Today, Film Score Monthly,


Little Gray Book Lecture Series

Elegant Coping Devices

Grieving is easy with these royal treatments


PBS Online - Thirteen/WNET

Essays, articles and classroom exercises

The 1900 House
       - Hmm, What's This Doing in the Medicine Cabinet?
       - The Tight and the Itchy
       - Laundry Lamented
       - Interview with Joyce Bowler
The American President
       - Jimmy Carter - Balance Betrayed
       - Zachary Taylor - The Brunt of Reluctance
       - Martin Van Buren - Son of a Bartender
Srebrenica: A Cry from the Grave
       - UN's Akashi: "We were there to keep the peace, not to enforce it"
       - Classroom Exercise: Fear and its Role in Discrimination


Samples from my daily column on

Moby: I'm a loser, baby--not like Ricky Martin
Taliban: Just say 'no' to Leonardo coif

� Busy afterlife for Frida Kahlo
Sir Paul's squirrel is pretty in pink 
� AND THIS: Jesus Christ, George Lucas, and Mike Raffino of Unband


Japanese TV Takes It All Off!
Tuning into Asia�s steamiest broadcast fare

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